Leads And Conversions- Is It All There Is With Digital Marketing?

You’ve heard it before.

Traffic is the lifeblood to any business.

Then you’ve also heard – Leads and Conversions are all you should focus on.

So which is it?

That’s what I hope we can answer inside this detailed blog post.

While traffic is a given, not all forms of traffic are the same.

If we look, Eugene Schwartz talked about the 5 phases of customer awareness in his Breakthrough Advertising book from 1966.

The same holds true with marketing in today’s digital world.

Same principle applies. Different medium.

Sure there are tactics and hacks that you can apply to boost your conversions like the ones outlined by Neil Patel below.

Let’s instead get into the specifics of your traffic.

Where are they coming from?

What may seem like a weird question, it matters.

There are solo ads you can buy, traffic from Google, Facebook, and then there’s SEO.

According to this article, and I happen to concur with the author, all leads are not created equal.

You can go one step further and suggest that all traffic is not equal.

Going back to Schwartz levels of awareness, this applies to your traffic source.

For example, social media platforms are there to do what?

Socialize – correct?

Well, when we stick an ad in front of that audience.

We can only hope we’re targeting the right people based on the platform algorithms.

Often, that means nurturing, following up and building trust before we can ask for the sale.

Let’s compare that to someone making a search query.

With search, we can pinpoint the exact time with the exact product that will help the user.

In many of those instances, asking the user to jump through a series of indoctrination pieces or nurturing marketing funnel that you’d use with something like Kartra would be wasted opportunity.

Instead, when using a search campaign, its best to give the users what they’re looking for while systematically building your email list and tribe to diversify your income.

From http://destroyerexperience.com/leads-and-conversions-is-it-all-there-is-with-digital-marketing/

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